Organisms in the environment

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  • Organisms in the environment
    • Photosynthesis
      • Only carried out by green plants and algae
      • Chlorophyll in the chloroplasts absorbs the sun`s light energy
      • carbon dioxide+ water+ {light energy} --> glucose + energy
        • Some of the glucose is turned into starch
          • Test for starch- iodine
      • Oxygen is released as a by-product
    • Limiting factors
      • Lack of light slows down rate of photosynthesis
      • If it is cold the enzymes don`t work effectively
      • Anything which puts a cap on photosynthesis
    • How plants use glucose
      • respiration
      • starch for storage
      • used to produce cellulose which strengthens cell walls
      • produce proteins
    • Organisms in their environment
      • Temperature
      • Nutrients- most plants struggle to grow when mineral ions are low
      • Light- few plants live on forest floor because the light is blocked by trees
      • Water- important for all organisms


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