Opposition to the Nazis: Civillians

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  • Opposition to the Nazis: Civillians
    • A coup d'etat
      • Killing or imprisoning Hitler and setting up a new leader in his place
      • Not many examples
      • During first 10 yrs of Nazi power not many coup's, more opposition in this way happened in Hitler's fall of power
    • Underground Resistance / Open opposition
      • Campaigning against the government and speaking out against them, sabotaging activities
      • Example of the White Rose Group
      • A lot of underground resistance and open opposition
    • Passive Resistance
      • Non co-operation with Nazi rules
      • Example, 1936 shipyard workers in Hamburg gave the Heil Hitler salute at the launch of a new ship
        • One man did not do this and folded his arms refusing to salute
      • Many people refused to join party and lots of people didn't gave the Heil Hitler salute
    • Private Grumbling
      • People grumble among family and friends but never in the hearing of someone who may report to the Nazis
      • Example, men grumbled during Hitler's radio announcement
      • Private grumbling very widespread


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