Operational Strategies: Lean Production-Chapter 15

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  • Operational Strategies: Lean Production- Unit 15
    • Lean Production
      • Removes all forms of waste during the production process
      • Purposes of lean production
        • Reduce waste and therefore costs
        • Improve quality
        • Reduce time taken in the production process
        • Reduce non-added value activities e.g. storing and moving materials around the factory floor
      • Main Techniques
        • Cell Production
          • Production at the factory is organised into teams (cells) with each team taking responsibility for their particular stage of production
          • Advantages
            • Shop floor expertise
            • Responsibility
            • Motivation= productivity and quality
          • Issues
            • Culture change
            • Training
        • JIT
          • Purposes of JIT
            • Reduce waste by eliminating the need for high levels of stock
            • Reduce costs by cutting warehouse space and staffing costs linked to the warehouse
            • Save time, as stock can be delivered straight to the production line/shelves
            • Flexibility for customers and the ability to be more flexible to respond to changing customer needs
            • Add Value-JIT should reduce non-added activities e.g. storage
            • The produce is 'pulled' through the production line by the desire for the product to be ready for the customer on a particular date
            • Improved quality as no room for error
          • Requirements for JIT
            • Excellent communications with supplier
            • Reliable and flexible employees
            • A flexible approach to managing employees
            • Flexible equipment
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        • Critical Path Analysis
        • Time based management
        • Kaizen
        • Benchmarking


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