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  • Offender Profiling: Top-Down Approach
    • Offender Profiling
      • Aims to narrow the field of enquiry and list of likely suspects
      • Profilers work alongside the police, often in murder cases etc
      • Scene and evidence are analysed to generate hypothesis about probable character traits of the offender
    • Top-Down Approach
      • Match what is known about the crime and the pre-existing template the FBI developed
      • Murderers or rapists are classified in two categories
        • Organised
        • Disorganised
    • Organised
      • Evidence of planning the crime
        • Victim is deliberately targetted
        • May have a 'type'
      • Maintaining a high degree of control during the crime
      • Leaving very little evidence at the scene
      • Tending to be above average intelligence
      • Skilled or professional job
      • Married and have children
    • Disorganised
      • Showing little evidence of planning; may have been spontaneous
      • Crime scene reflects the impulsive nature of the act
      • Body still at the scene
      • Evidence of little control
      • Lower IQ
      • History of failed relationships
    • FBI Profile Construction
      • 1) Data assimilation - review of the evidence
      • 2) Crime scene classification - organised or disorganised
      • 3) Crime Reconstruction - generation of hypothesis about the behaviours and events
      • 4) Profile generation - generation of hypothesis about the offender e.g. background


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