Of mice and men: characters mindmap

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  • Of mice and men
    • George
      • A small man who cares for lennie.
        • He protects lennie and is a really good friend to him.
          • he frequently speaks of how much better his life would be without his caretaking responsibilities,
    • Lennie
      • has a mental desirabilitie
      • Has a child like mind
      • Gentle and kind
      • He loves to pet soft things...For example, animals.
    • Curley's Wife
      • The only female
    • Crooks
      • The black stable hand
      • Proud, bitter and funny
      • feels isolated because he is coloured.
      • Becomes fond for lennie.
    • Candy
      • Worries alot about his future.
        • A handy man
    • Curly
      • The bosses son.
      • An aggressive young man
      • Likes to pick fights.
    • Slim
      • Known as the 'Prince' on the rantch
      • hes the only character which seems peaceful in himself.


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