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  • Obedience
    • Compliance with an order, request or law to another's authority
    • Destructive Obedience - obeying orders despite morals, seen in soldiers
    • Why do we obey? Fear, convenience, authority, persuasion, location, coersion
    • Authoritarian Personality - state of mind or attitude characterised in belief of absolute obedience.
      • Link to Nazi Germany - hypothesis by Adorno that 'Germans are different'
    • Study on Obedience - Milgram - Shock Experiment
      • Context - Hitler and Nazi Germany, 'Germans are different' Adolf Eichmann said he was 'only following orders' when he was found responsible for thousands of holocaust deaths
      • Aim - to find out how obedient individuals would be in a controlled situation
      • Participants - 40 men aged 20-50yrs from USA
      • The Experiment: Lab Experiment: has internal validity, lacks ecological and population validity
      • Ethical Issues - protection from harm, deception
      • Alternative research - Burger (2007) got similar results (time validity & reliability), Sheridan and King (1972) got similar results but found women obey more, Hofling (1966) did in a real life setting


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