Obedience: dispositional explanations

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  • Obedience: dispositional explanations
    • Explanation - Authoritarian Personality
      • Hostility towards/ fear of parents is displaced onto those who are socially inferior
      • Authoritarian personality includes extreme respect for authority and contempt for 'inferiors'
      • Authoritarian personality originates from childhood
      • A high level of obedience is pathological
    • Theodore Adorno et al. (1955) - Authoritarian Personality
      • Findings and conclusions
        • Authoritarians identified with 'strong' people and were contemptuous of the 'weak'
          • conscious of their own and others' status, showing excessive respect and deference to those of higher status
        • Authoritarian people had a cognitive style where there was no 'fuzziness' between categories of people, with fixed and distinctive stereotypes about other groups
      • Procedure
        • several scales were developed, including the potential for fascism scale
        • investigated unconscious attitudes towards other racial groups of more than 200 middle-class white Americans
    • Strength
      • Support for the link between authoritarian personality and obedience
    • Weaknesses
      • Much of the research uses correlations
      • Explanation is based on a flawed methodology
      • F-scale = potentially biased
      • The authoritarian personality explanation is limited


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