Non-Human DNA

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  • Non-Human DNA
    • Why might non-human DNA testing be used?
      • Crimes against animals
        • cruelty to animals
          • Transfer of hair may help to provide evidence of allegations
      • Crimes against people or property
        • Hair transferred by animals can be transferred
          • Can help to identify species
            • Help link people to crime scenes
      • Possession of protected animals
        • Number of animals endangered and protected under legislations
    • Example
      • Leanne Tiernan
        • in 2001, Leanne's body was found buried in a shallow graven with a black plastic bag over her head help in place by a dog collar.
          • Dog hairs were found on Leanne's body
            • Scientists were able to produce a partial DNA profile
              • However, the suspects dog had since died so evidence could not beused
        • First time a British murder investigation had used dog DNA profiling
    • Non-Human DNA analysis
      • Due to shed hair often not containing roots, nuclear DNA may not be present
        • Mitochondrial DNA may be more viable
      • Species Identification
        • the locus of choice must have little variation, such that all members of the same species have the same DNA type
        • the locus of choice must have sufficient interspecies variation such that members of one species can be separated from members of the next closely related species
        • Process
          • 2) The product is sequenced and the DNA  sequence is compared to those on the DNA database
            • If there is an 100% match from a registered species, and the next closest has a homology of 95%, then there is every reason to believe that the unknown material is from the species that it matches to
          • 1) DNA is isolated from the unknown material and amplification primers are use to produce a {CR product of around 400bp in length


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