the nitrogen cycle

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  • Nitrogen Cycle
    • Nitrogen is present in living organisms in Proteins. these are made up of smaller molecules called amino acids
    • Plants use Nitrates from the soil to make proteins
    • When animals eat plants the proteins are passed on to the animal
    • Waste material such as Faeces and Ureu contain nitrogen compounds
    • Nitrogen fixing- The nodules in which the nitrogen fixing bacteria live are on plants called legumes
      • Nitrogen fixation allows the plants to grow in soil which does not contain much nitrates
    • Denitrifying Bacteria- actually lower the nitrate level of the soil by converting nitrates to ammonia and nitrogen gas. these prefer anaerobic soils (No O) conditions (water logged soil marshy or wet fields
    • Nitrifying Bacteria- Convert ammonia to the useful product nitrate (In a process called nitrification)  which can be absorbed by nitrogen
    • Decay Bacteria and fungi- break down dead plants and animals to produce ammonia


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