New Right theories of family

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  • New Right theories of Family
  • Similar to Functionalism
    • share the same basic view of he family as an institution which is essential for survival of society
    • traditional nuclear family serving basic functions for society
  • Nuclear family is declining due to the increase of other family types
    • single parent family
    • fatherless family
    • same sex parents
    • marriage decline - cohabitation
    • divorce rates increasing- reconstructed family
  • Reason for the decline in traditional, family
    • breakdown of traditional family values
    • over generous welfare payments to single mothers which allow fathers to opt out
    • influence of feminism which has devalued marriage, and encouraged women to find fulfilment outside the home
    • tolerance of gay and lesbian relationships
    • increased sexual permissivenes
  • Consequence of the fragmentation of family for society
    • not performing the functions it should
    • failing to provide adequate socialisation of children
    • children are underachieving in education
    • children are behaving in anti-social ways
  • Solution to the broken family
    • return to traditional family
    • emphasise the importance of the nuclear family
    • change government policy to redirect welfare and benefits
  • Charles Murray
    • the UK is developing an underclass which is associate with crime, unemployment and educational failure
  • Norman Dennis & George Erdos
    • children without a father are at a disadvantage. children in these families face greater risks of poverty, educational failure, crime & health prblems
  • the New Right idea blames people who might already be victims
  • New  Right idea makes a judgement that nuclear families are the best
  • the New Right idea presents and idealistic view of the family


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