Network topologies

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  • Network topologies
    • Star topology
      • All the devices are connected to a central switch
      • Central switch
        • Allows many devices to access the server at the same time
      • Pros
        • If a device fails the rest of the network is unaffected
        • It's simple to add more devices to the network
        • Better performance
      • Cons
        • Cables are expensive
        • If the server has a problem then the whole network is affected
    • Bus topology
      • All devices arranged in a line
      • Devices send data in both directions causing data collisions
    • Ring topology
      • Data moves in one direction
      • Only one device can send data at a time and data passes through all devices
    • Mesh topology
      • It has no central device
      • Every device is either directly or indirectly connected
      • Work by sending data along the fastest route
      • If one device fails then data is sent along a different route
      • They are very expensive
      • Full mesh
        • Every device is connected to every other device
      • Partial mesh
        • Not all devices are fully-connected


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