The Nervous System - B6

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  • nervous system
    • Sensory Neurons - carry impulses from the receptors to the CNS
    • Central Nervous System - in vertebrates this consists of the brain and spinal cord only. in mammals, the CNS is connected to sensory neurons and motor neurons - these make up the peripheral nervous system (PNS)
    • Motor Neurons - the neurons that carry impulses from the CNS to effectors.
    • Effectors - all your muscles and glands, which respond to nervous impulses
    • receptors are cells that detect stimuli
    • different types of receptors, taste, sound etc.
    • effectors respond to nervous impulses and bring about a change. can be part of complex organs.
    • two types of effectors - muscle cells which make up muscles and hormone secreting cells which are found in glands
    • The CNS is a processing centre -  it receives info from receptors and then coordinates a response
  • stimuli
    • receptor
      • sensory neurons
        • CNS
          • Motor Neurons
            • Effector
              • Response


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