Basic preview of possible AO1 points for naturalism 

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  • Naturalism
    • theological
      • goodness= the will of God
      • God's will defines morality
      • e.g.natural law
    • Hedonistic
      • goodness= fact of pleasure/happiness
      • e.g. utilitarianism
      • "x is good" is the same as "is an object of desire"
    • ethical terms can be defined using the same terms used in maths or science
      • moral truths are facts like numbers or chemical properties
        • there's an objective standard of good just like DCT
    • good can be verified/falsified
      • is observable
      • can be intrinsic
      • independent of human opinion
    • finds evidence for good or bad in the empirical world
    • use a cognitivist approach
    • F.H.Bradley rejected hedonism and Kantian ethics
      • morality pleasure provided no final understanding
      • duty doesn't guide us in morality
      • better to pursue self-realisation in the community
      • morality rests on certain facts about ourselves and our place in society


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