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  • Nationalism
    • Defintion: A patriotic belief by a people in the virtues and power of their nation
    • Earlier 19th century nationalism
      • Had been essentially a liberal ideology in Germany and Italy
        • Liberal ideology: Belief in constitutional government & individual & economic freedom
        • Aimed at: achieving national unification and establishing a constitutionalgovernment
    • Main aim of nationalists
      • Unite their countries
    • Once nationalism was achieved:
      • Emphasis shifted to asserting the power of a nation on the global stage
        • 1. Unify their countries
        • 2. Overcome class or regional differences
        • 3. Governments frequently exploited nationalism by pursuing a policy that later historians called 'Social imperialism'
          • Definiton: Social imperialism - a policy aimed at uniting all social classes behind plans for creating and expanding an empire


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