My Last Duchess - Power and Conflict

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  • My Last Duchess
    • Form
      • Dramatic monologue
        • written in iambic pentameter
          • Reinforcesthe Duke is is conversation with the visitor
      • Rhyming couplets shows the Duke's desire for control.
        • Gets carried away with his anger through the use of enjambement
        • He is unstable who is obssesed  with power
    • Structure
      • Poem is framed by the Duke's gallery
      • Duke gets caught up in talking about the Duchess
    • Robert Browning
    • Things the Duke says about the Duchess sounds innocent
      • They often had more sinister meanings
    • Status
      • Status was important for the Duke.
        • Cares how others see him.
    • Power
      • Duke felt he needed power and control over the Duchess
      • Saw her as one of his many possessions
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Power - Duke proud of his possessions and status
        • Jealousy - did not like the Duchess being favourite
          • Enjoys power


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