Mrs B

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  • Mrs. B
    • Themes
      • Ignorance
        • Dismisses Sheila's opinion
          • "You're behaving like a hysterical child"
        • Doesn't accept Eric's involvement
          • "I won't believe it"
        • Doesn't accept blame
          • Unknowingly passes blame to Eric
            • "He'd be entirely responsible"
          • "She only has herself to blame"
      • Power
        • Feels untouchable
          • "I did nothing I'm ashamed of or that won't bear investigation"
        • Mis-used
          • "I used my influence to have it refused"
        • Capitalist
      • Class
        • High class
          • Power over lower class
            • Turns down Eva
              • "I wasn't satisfied with the girl's claim"
                • Use of "I" rather than "we" (her decision, not comittee's)
                  • Capitalist
        • Backed up by her charity
      • Guilt
        • Charity
          • Justificaton of wealth
            • Only cares about reputation


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