Motor Skills

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  • Motor Skills
    • Fine Motor Skills
      • Gripping
        • By 1 month babies can grasp an adults finger an can also grasp a rattle for a short time
        • Activities to promote this are playing with a rattle, feeding oneself with a spoon and playing with small toys
      • Manipulation
        • Babies use their whole hand to manipulate objects but with time at 12 months they start using small muscles in their fingers
        • Activities which promote this are playing with building blocks, playing a musical instrument and with toy farm animals
      • Hand-eye Coordination
        • Child is able to use the muscle in her fingers to pick up the constructions pieces and use her eyes to guide her finger movement
        • Activities which promote this are playing with a jigsaw, writing and sewing
      • Movement of smaller muscles
    • Gross Motor Skills
      • Infants develop this skill from the head down
      • Activities which promote this
        • Running
        • Hopscotch
        • Playing catch
        • Climbing Frames
        • Push and Pull toys
      • Movement of larger muscles


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