motivation of dyer

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  • motivation of dyer
    • he needed to get rid of rival groups
    • it was a punishment
    • he wanted to disperse the crowd
    • he needed to show that the British were in charge
    • sense of responsibility
    • he was intimidated
    • he wanted revenge
    • he needed to show that there were consequences
  • what do the sources tell us about dyers response to Amritsar massacre
    • he continued to carry out punishments
      • crawling order
        • kept on humiliating the Indian people
    • "he had to do what he did"
    • justifies his behavior "deterrent"
    • he was being unjust with his actions
      • crawling order
        • kept on humiliating the Indian people
    • he was proud of what he did
    • doesn't think he was in the wrong
    • saw the Indian people as a danger
    • reassert GB power
  • how other people reacted
    • Rabindranath tagore
      • indians need to control their own destiny
      • disagreed with actions
      • stated that ruling class were not good people
    • illuminated adress
      • committed act of good
      • see him as a hero
      • "owe to you"
    • the hunter committee report
      • disagreed with actions
      • says that he lacks humanity
      • "undue, violent and excessive"


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