Mother, Any Distance - key images

Three of the main key images in Mother, Any Distance explained - annotations.

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  • Mother, Any Distance
    • By Simon Armitage
    • 'The acres of the walls, the prairies of the floors. You at the zero end.'
      • Theme of freedom
      • The tape could represent an umbilical cord, how they are attached, tied together always.
      • Semantic field of measurements
      • Metaphors
    • 'Anchor. Kite.'
      • Anchor - mother, security, safety, weight.
      • Kite - child, freedom, new possibilities.
      • Links to the last line, fall or fly.
    • 'To fall or fly'
      • Fall - fail
      • Fly - succeed.
      • Soft 'f' sound reinforces the idea of flight.
      • Ambiguity - does the child think they need their mother to succeed or do they fell like their mother will fail them?
      • Metaphor


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