Moral Panics

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  • Moral Panics
    • Stanley Cohen
      • He found that negative labelling in the media of certain behaviours result in deviant actions
        • For example, the mods and rockers
      • The media exaggerate language which blows the situation out of control
        • He says this leads to a moral panic
      • A moral panic is an exaggerate over reaction by society to a problem which is driven by the media
    • Moral Panic
      • Step 1
        • The media identity a group called folk devils or who are a threat to societal values
      • Step 2
        • The media present the folk devils in a negative, stereotypical fashion
      • Step 3
        • Moral entrepreneurs, editions, police etc condemn/ punish the folk devils and it's behaviour
      • However....
        • Although this could crackdown the folk devils behaviour
          • It could also lead to a self fulfilling prophecy that amplified the problem that caused the moral panic
            • Deviant Amplification Spiral
    • Criticisms
      • McRobbie and Thornton
      • Moral panics are an outdates concept because...
        • The frequency of them has decreased making them no longer newsworthy
        • Normally they would scapegoat a group however now there are many viewpoints and values
        • People try to create their own one for their benefit
        • There is the possibility that by creating a moral panic it will rebound of them


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