Monitoring of and Preparation for an earthquake

Monitioring, Predictions and Before Preparations

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  • Monitoring and preparation for an Earthquake
    • Predictions
      • Predictions can say where an earthquake will happen but not when
      • There can be clues about upcoming earthquakes such as: small tremors can be felts and cracks can start to appear in rock
    • Monitoring
      • Small earthquakes are very common- they can be monitored in terms of magnitude, intensity and size
      • People can use the internet to report whether or not they felt the earthquake
    • Before: Preparation and Prevention
      • Buildings can be made so that they are able to withstand earthquakes
      • Building regulations can be put in place so that all buildings are built so that they are able to withstand earthquakes
      • Fire breaks can be made to reduce the secondary impact of fires
      • Emergency services can train and prepare for disasters
      • Future developments such as shopping centers can be planned to avoid areas that are most likely to be affected by earthquakes
      • Governments can plan evacuation routes in order to get people to get out of dangerous areas quickly
      • The government can educate people what to do in the case of an earthquake and how to evacuate
      • People can be taught how to make a survival kit, with essential things such as food, water, a wind-up torch and a mobile phone.


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