Money 1975

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  • Money 1975
    • AIM
      • To obtain information about sexual reassignment in infants
    • Procedure
      • Studied 45 cases of males brought up as females (43 with penis& 2 infantile)
      • At john Hopkins hospital
      • Brenda/ Bruce/ David Reimer
      • Identical twins Bruce and Brian
      • Bruce was bought up as a girl after 10 months sent for circumcision went wrong
      • Parents saw DR Money on advert so sent him a letter
      • Decided to bring Bruce up as girl
      • 1967 Bruce was surgically castrated
      • At the age of 12 was given estrogen
      • Dr money watched the progress
      • When Brenda was older he decided he wanted to be a boy and called himself David
      • Dr Money when Brenda/ Brian was 7 made them ***** and took pictures to show the difference of boy& Girl
      • David got reconstruction, Got married, Marriage ended he committed suicide
      • Brian committed suicide by overdosing on anti- depressants
    • Conclusion
      • Surgical and hormone therapy is possible to habilate a baby with a grossly defective penis
    • Evaluation
      • Dr Money used to study to back his theory up but it may have been down to biology as he said he felt male
      • His family was put under stress as him and his brother committed suicide
      • Money research was successful for some clients. He could nurture them we can apply this to other cases


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