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  • Mixtures
    • Water
      • To test for water use cobalt chloride paper.
      • The process of rain going into the rivers/sea then evaporated back into the clouds then back to lakes.
      • To collect water, fill a whole with damp sand/soil and place a container and cover with material. Lay something heavy onto and wait overnight.
    • Breathing and gases in the atmosphere
      • Effects of smoking: lung and heart cancer, raised blood pressure, brittle bones
      • Nitrogen: 78% Oxygen: 21% Argon: 0.93% C02: 0.04%
      • To test for oxygen, a glowing, wooden splint should relight in a test tube
    • What is a catalyst?
      • A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent change.


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