Milgram's obedience study

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  • Milgram's obedience study
    • aim
      • to find out whether a particular situation will cause someone to become more obedient
    • method
      • 1. 40 male volunteer participants were recruited by newspaper ads
      • 2. they were ordered by the experimenter (in a white coat) to deliver increasing electrical  shocks
      • 3. the confederate only got a shock for every question they got wrong
        • they'd complain about having a heart condition
      • 4. after a few voltage increases the actor would start to bang on the which separated him from the participant
      • 5. the actor would stop banging on the wall and there'd be no responses
      • if subject wanted to stop the experimenter would give verbal prods
        • if participant wanted to stop after 4 of them then experiment would be stopped
    • findings
      • no participants stopped before 300 volts
        • 3 stopped at 300v
      • 65% went up to the max volt of 450v
      • participants showed signs of stress and tension
        • sweating, trembling, stutter etc


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