Middle Ages

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  • Middle Ages
    • The Church
      • Centre of everyone's lives.
      • Village preist controlled what people did and believed.
      • God punished people for their sins with death and disease.
      • Refused ideas which contradicted the Bible
      • Controlled education, books which they disapproved where banned.
      • Promoted Galen, and monasteries used his theories as the basis for training doctors.
      • Criticism to Galen was harshly treated, e.g. Roger Bacon.
      • Dissection was banned.
    • Hospitals
      • Run by monasteries.
      • Housed the poor, elderly or pilgrims rather than offered medical care.
      • Treatments consisted of herbal remedies, warmth, food, and were mainly prayers.
      • Pregnant women, cripple and, the wounded were banned.
    • Women
      • Women could not train as doctors because only men could go to university.
      • Most people were treated at home by their wife or mother.
      • Wise women.
      • Women acted as midwives.
      • Women could become surgeons as surgeons did not have to train at university.
    • Prevention of the Black Death
      • Flogging with whips.
      • Herbs in the fire to make the air smell sweet.
      • Blood letting.


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