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  • Microscopes
    • Light
      • light is passed through multiple lenses and concentrated through the specimen. The light is then focused through more lenses until it reaches the eye where we see the image.
      • 2D cross-sectional and external images can be produced
        • optional staining with colours/dyes to highlight organelles / cell walls
      • Max. Magnification: x1,500
      • Max. Resolution: 20-30nm
    • Transmission Electron
      • Electrons are passed through a specimen and collected on the other side. the pattern created is translated into an image on a screen.
      • Only 2D cross-sectional images are produced
        • Specimens are stained with metal salts and metal dyes
      • Max. Magnification: x500,000
      • Max. Resolution: 0.1nm
      • Only dead specimens can be used


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