C1- methods of transferring energy

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  • Methods of transferring energy.
    • Conduction
      • 1) When particles in a solid are given more energy they vibrate
      • 2) They collide with neighbouring particles, which causes them to vibrate
      • 3) The energy continues to spread across the solid
      • In metals there are free electrons which means they are good conductors
    • Convection
      • 1) Particles in a liquid or a gas are given energy which causes them to spread out
      • 2) The density is lower so the hot materials rises.
      • 3) The hot material is replaced by cold material, which creates a convection current
    • Evaporation
      • The particles on the top of a liquid move the fastest when they are heated up.
      • The particles escape from the liquid as a gas
    • Condensation
      • If energy is transferred from particles in a gas the particles will form droplets
      • This is called condensation


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