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  • Mercutio
    • Important Scenes
      • Act1, Scene2 -Romeo is Upset about Rosaline not loving him and Mercutio helps cheer him up
      • Act1, Scene4 -Mercutio was invited to the Capulet's party but Romeo and Benvolio weren't and decided to gatecrash the party
      • Act2, Scene3 -Romeo is with his friends (Mercutio and Benvolio) who make fun of the Nurse when she tells the message from Juliet
      • Act3, Scene1 -Mercutio pushes his luck by tormenting Tybalt which resulted in him dying. In his dying breathes, he cursed the Capulets and Montagues
    • Character profile
      • Kinsman to the Prince and close friend of Romeo's
      • Imaginative, Witty, and full of satire
      • Known for his sexual innuendos
      • He is hotheaded and doesn't like people who show affection
      • He finds Romeo's view  of love annoying and tiresome and tries to lead him back to the sexual side of life


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