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  • Memory
    • Capacity= how much can be held in a memory
    • Duration= how long a memory lasts
    • Encoding= how a memory is stored
    • The multi store model
      • Sensory memory
      • Short term memory: 5-9 items, 18-30 sec
      • Long term memory: unlimited, up to lifetime
    • The working memory model
      • Central executive: monitors and coordinates other stores
      • Phonological loop: encodes speech sounds
        • Phonological store- inner ear
        • Articulatory process- inner voice
      • Visuo-spatial sketchpad: encodes visual info as separate objects and in visual field.
        • Visual cache: form and colour
        • inner scribe: spatial and movement
      • Episodic buffer: acts as a back up store and communicates with long term


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