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  • Memory
    • Processes of memory
      • Retrieval
        • Defintion: Accessing the information from storage.
      • Encoding
        • Visual
          • Visual encoding is when we use an image to retrieve information from our memory
        • Semantic
          • Semantic encoding is when you put meaning into content and retrieve it at a later stage.
        • Acoustic
          • Acoustic is the way in which information is retrieved using sound.
        • Definition
          • Information is changed so that it can be stored in a memory.
    • STM/LTM
      • Long Term Memory
        • Encoding: Acoustically, visually or semantically.
        • Capacity: potentially unlimited.
        • Duration: Potentially unlimited
      • Short Term Memory
        • Duration: 15-30 seconds
        • Capacity: George Miller (1956) claimed that we can hold anything between five and nine objects in our STM. This is knows as 7+/- 2 items.


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