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  • Medieval & Renaissance Medicine
    • Medival
      • Dark ages were when monasteries managed learning and knowledge
        • Roman & Greek medical ideas lost
      • Medicine dominated by catholic church
      • Diseases caused by: four humours, carried by demons, sin, bad smells, astrology and jews
        • Bad doctors like barber surgeons
      • Methods of curing: Purging, bleeding, herbal remedies, kings touch and praying
    • Renaissance Medicine
      • Paracelsus went called Galen "a liar and a fake"
      • Anton Van leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria but no one knew their significance
      • Ambroise pare discovered a new ointment
        • used ligatures and published book about new surgical methods
      • Paracelus disovered laudanum
      • Bad public health
      • Women surgeons declined and men delivered babies due to forceps
      • William Harvey proved blood circulation and that blood was not used up by the liver.


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