Matthew Bourne Mindmap - ICDSB 2000+ Characteristics

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  • Matthew Bourne
    • Eclectic Range of Dance Styles
      • Swan Lake
        • PEDESTRIAN MOVEMENTS/ BODY LANGUAGE - The young Prince looks uninterested while stood in front of society and is forced to wave by his mother. He then runs away from his mother as the camera flashes to take a picture
      • The Car Man
        • GESTURAL - A quartet of male dancers perform pedestrian movement to display the idea of themselves showering. This is exhibited when the male dancers scrub the right side of their bodies in unison in a frantic manner.
    • Collaboration
      • The Car Man
        • SET DESIGN - The collaboration with Lez Brotherston allowed Bourne to incorporate different areas of the set. For instance, one of the set shows shop shutters, worn down cars and tires to display a mechanic shop in an urban area.
    • Aural Setting
      • Swan Lake
        • USE OF VOICE - The cheering of society is apparent when the royal family enter to demonstrate an element of hierarchy throughout the piece
      • The Car Man
        • ORCHESTRAL - Within the piece, Bizet's 'Carmen' accompaniment is used as a sound score which consists of a range of strings and percussion. This correlates with the characteristic of Bourne creating an adaptation of old works/ideas.
    • Social, Political and Historical Context
      • Swan Lake
        • RELATION TO MEDIA - Paparazzi and the media is a common theme and is evident in the beginning of the dance work. This is when the Prince often shies away and shields himself from the press - relating the social context of the royal family being pressured from society and the media
      • The Car Man
        • HOMOSEXUALITY - Issues of homosexuality are brought up with the presentation of Angelo in  the piece. In the dance work, an image of a car shaking appears to insinuate sexual intercourse is occurring - Luca and Angelo are seen emerging from the vehicle and the expression of Angelo's face indicates his love for Luca. Thus displaying the use of relationships in Bourne's piece being one of his known characteristics that aids the presentation of social issues.


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