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  • Maths
    • Circumference= PIExDiameter
    • Area= PIEx Radius(squared)
    • Area of Trapezium=  0.5 x (a+b) x H
    • Arc Length= angle/360 x (PiexDiameter)
    • Volume of prism= area of cross section x length
    • Volume of a cylinder= Pie x radius squared x height
    • Volume of pyramid= 0.33 x area of base x height
      • Curved surface area of a cone is= PIE x Radius x Slant height
      • Total surface area= Curved surface area and the area of its base
    • Volume of sphere= 4 over 3 X PIE X radius cubed


Melissa Buckley mellor


this is really help full because it tell you about some of the maths things and that is really good because if kids or any one new that this did existed then i bet that they mught do some more revition  

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