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  • Maths
    • Ratios
      • To reduce a ratio to its simpler form, divide all the numbers by the same thing.
      • If you know the ratio between parts and the actual size of one part, you can scale up
    • Product of prime factors leading to HCF and LCM
      • LCM-Lowest common multiple
        • The smallest number that will divide by all the numbers in question
      • Method:1)List the factors of all the numbers         2)Find the biggest one that`s in the list
      • HCF-Highest common Factor
        • The biggest number that will divide into all the numbers in questions
    • Tree Diagrams
      • Method:1)On any set of branches which meet at a point the probability must add up to 1   2)Multiply along the branches to get the end probability    3) Check your diagram-the end probabilities must add up to 1         4)To answer any question add up the relevant end probabilities
    • Vectors
      • Colum vectors:  (2/5)




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