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  • Marxism - family
    • zaretsky
      • family is an escape from oppression and exploitation
        • allows him to be the 'king of his own castle'
          • comforts him, distracting him from the exploitation to prevent him from going to work and attempting to change capitalism
    • Engles
      • Must be in a monogamous relationship in order to pass on inheritance
        • This ensures that the bourgeoisie's biological child receives the inheritance and therefore, maintains social inequality and keeps capitalism going
    • unit of consumption
      • bourgoisie want to keep wages as low as possible and build demand so use the family to do so
        • they use the media to target children in order to get them to use their pester power and get their parents to purchase the goods
    • family as an ideological apparatus
      • the family acts an ISA socialising children into the norms and values correct for capitalism
        • children are taught that someone is always in charge through discipline from parents
          • prepares them for the world of work as they will always be controlled by someone at work
    • too deterministic - they presume people follow socialisation and the future is pre - determined
    • women now work
    • too negative - ignore the positive things about the family
    • feminists argue that they do not focus on the inequalities of men and women


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