Marxism and The Family

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  • Marxism
    • Structural theory
      • Society influences individuals
    • Conflict theory
      • Society benefits certain social groups at the expense of the others
    • Marxists believe that...
      • Societies are unequal and unfair in regard to social class
      • In particular, they think that the capitalist system is unequal and is based on oppression and exploitation
      • The economic system is organised for the production of profit and wealth creation is entirely owned by individuals for their own benefit
      • In the capitalist system that everyone is divided into 2 basic classes
        • Bourgeoisie
          • The ruling class
          • Proletariat
            • The working class
        • Proletariat
          • The working class
    • See society as a league table due to the competition between the social classes
      • The bourgeoisie benefit in every way from how society operates as they make money through surplus value and the proletariat miss out
    • Engels (1884)
      • Believed that the family arose as capitalism developed & people started to value private property
        • Monogamy become essential because men had to be certain that their legitimate heirs inherited from them
          • Women went along with this for the economic security - essentially making them 'glorified prostitutes'
  • Marxism and The Family
    • Zaretsky (1976)
      • Reproduces future generations of workers
      • Consumes the products of capitalism
      • Socialises children in to the ruling class ideology
      • Provides a 'cushion' from the effects of alienating work to help workers continue (false consciousness)


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