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      • socialise children to accept capitalism - father disciplines child showing them there's an owner
      • womens domestic work unpaid -benefits capitalism
      • family acts as a safety valve for stress & frustrations of WC men
      • family acts as a unit of consumption - buys goods & services provided by capitalism
      • in order for capitalism to survive people must be taught how to think & behave
      • family best mechanism for transmitting dominant ideology
      • dominant ideology = ideas & beliefs of how the family should operate
    • ENGELS
      • family within the framework of a capitalist society
      • nuclear family is concerned with social control by teaching its members to submit to the capitalist class
      • nuclear family developed as a means of passing on private property to heirs
        • benefits capitalism - children become owners of property after dad dies & enforce their own rules
      • emphasises ideological role of family in propping up capitalism
      • family an escape route from oppression & exploitation at work
      • this release in the family helps them to live with this daily oppression in work & undermines opposition to capitalism
      • outdated - ignores other reasons for marriage (not just property)
      • feminists - women have more of a role - independant & can work for own income, more than 'stress relievers'
      • Morgan - source of power is food - women run the household so have more power


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