Week 2 - Manufacturing Consent

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  • Manufacturing Consent
    • Key theories
      • Liberal pluralism vs Political Economy
        • Liberal pluralists argue:
          • Assumption that press prop up our democracy
          • We inhabit a free market, capitalist society, people are free and equal and hard work is rewarded
          • Believe that we should keep society in check
          • Liberal Pluralists argue about the media
            • Expect the media to be objective and impartial
            • Media must respect the rights of the individual
            • Press can also be partisan - freedom to express own views
            • The media should maintain the status quo
            • Should not be owned by the state; shut down the BBC
            • Greatest danger to media freedom is the government
        • Political economists argue:
          • If you want to understand politics, you must turn to economics
            • All political parties are capitalist
          • We're encouraged to be passive consumers
          • The media do not stand up for the minority
            • Or challenge the powerful, because they benefit from this power structure
          • Agree that the media reproduces the status quo but do not think this is a good thing
      • Louis Althusser: Repressive and Ideological State Apparatuses
        • Repressive: physical, military coercion, physical threat
        • Ideological: religious institutions, family, education
          • Ways of ensuring PEOPLE DON'T REVOLT
            • Repressive: physical, military coercion, physical threat
      • Herman and Chomsky Manufacturing Consent
        • Five filters
          • Ownership
          • Advertising
          • Reliance on PR
          • Flak
          • Anticommunism
    • Key questions
      • How do we think about the role of journalists in a democracy?
      • Is journalism biased and opinionated or fair and impartial?


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