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  • Management structures
    • Functional
      • Divided into type of work performed. Example human resource manager, marketing, operation etc.
      • Advantage: There is a person of expertise in each area which should ensure efficiency and high productivity. Also conflicts should be resolved within each functional area.
      • Disadvantages: People may get bored being in the same area and if there is a lack of communication between functions then it is likely that issues can arise. eg. human resource manager employing 6 people having not spoken to the finance function who couldve said the organisation cant afford them
    • Organic Structure
      • Have the core group of employees within the organisation however, outsource other businesses to complete certain jobs that aren't required all year round.
      • Advantages: Generally costs less for the organisation as their not employing someone the whole year around only when required. Leading to higher profits etc.
      • Disadvantages: Because the employees are outsourced they aren't aware of the objectives of the organisation and don't value them like other employees.
    • Geographic Structure
      • DIvided into the state, town, countries in which the organisation is in. Generally have a head office. Each area will adopt their own structure such as functional or organic
      • Disadvantages: It may be difficult to undergo business due to all the time differences if within countries and it can cost the business a lot to travel to each destination


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