Macbeth Key Themes

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  • Macbeth Key Themes
    • Ambition
      • The witches' prophecies provide Macbeth with ambition which motivates him to do bad thing
        • The phropheries are that he will become Thane Of Cawdor, Then King and that Banquo's sons will be the descendents
      • Ambition is Macbeth Fatal flaw
        • Macbeth is rewarded as a god man at the beginning of the play due to his loyalty but his ambition causes this ot change
      • Sometimes Ambition is actually a good thing
        • Ambition for their country enable Malcom and Macduff to fight to defeat Macbeth and restore the rightful king
    • Kingship
      • A good King is holy
        • Macbeth is not a good example of a king as he commits very bad deeds that go against his country's beleifs
          • It was believed that the King was chosen by God so Macbeth's doom is foreshadow the way he becomes king
      • There are expectations of how a king should behave and Macbeth doesn't follow them
        • Macbeth is described as a 'tyrant'
      • Untrue king brings uproar
        • There is lots of order and disorder when Macbeth is King so this represents how he is not a true king
    • Supernatural
      • Displayed by the witches
        • The witches come in a 3, emphasising their power and also manipulate both Macbeth and the weather in the plau
      • Controls Macbeth
      • Represents Guilt in the play
        • Supernatural visions like the dagger and the ghost of Banquo displays Macbeth's inability to be evil
    • Good and Evil
      • Evil is associated with gender and therefore it is right that Macbeth is semi Evil
        • However Lady Macbeth is just as evil so breaks this sterotype
        • The witches' gender is unknown making them more evil
      • Macbeth is actually a good man
        • Macbeth is commended for his loyalty at the beginning of the play, it is just the acts he does that make him appear evil
    • Bravery
      • Macbeth's lack of bravery is shown through his guilt and conscience
        • Lady Macbeth has to persuade Macbeth to create a false appearance therefore showing his lack of bravery, he is being told by a woman!
      • Bravery is a key quality to be had by the king
        • Macbeths lack of bravery would have scared a Jacobean audience as they would have wanted a strong ruler
      • Shows the change in characters
        • Macbeth starts the play as 'brave' and 'valiant'


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