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  • Macbeth : Character Quotes
    • Paragraph 4
      • “O’ full of scorpions is my mind”
        • His ambition and paranoia of someone else taking the crown from him is making his mental state deteriorate, which was hinted at earlier in the play.
      • “vaulting ambition”
        • Macbeth notes on him ambition saying that at this rate that he is going, he will fall face first out of power.  However, his paranoia doesn't let him see that he should stop making him continue until his death of killing people.
      • At this point Macbeth contrasts with his description at the start of Act 1 - fully giving in into his paranoia and ambition. The audience is fearful of what will happen next as they know the only way this can lead to is destruction.
    • Paragraph 2
      • Shakespeare exposes Macbeth's fatal flaw - his ambition.    This initial spark along with LM encouraging him leads to the death of Duncan.
      • LM : "without the illness should attend it"
        • LM knows that Macbeth doesn't have an evil streak making him a coward in the view of her eyes.
      • 'Chance may crown me without my stir'
        • Macbeth is the first to think aboutt murder, but asks himself if he can do it.  The fact that he is taking notice hints that Macbeth has a selfish nature.
    • Paragraph 5
      • “I have almost forgot the taste of fears”
        • Macbeth returns to what he was like before the play, a soldier.  He is ready for battle and is going to try and pull the world into chaos as he dies.
      • “Out, out brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow” 
        • Macbeth is clearly defeated by his own ambition and remarks on the things that he has done.  He has made himself unhappy and realises that life has no substance after killing his former friends.
      • Shakespeare's' play demonstrates the corruption of a person by his own ambition - using Macbeth as an example.  He teaches the audience how ambition unchecked has a series of dire consequences warning that they will end up like Macbeth.
    • Paragraph 1
      • 'I have begun to plant thee'
        • Metaphor suggesting Duncan is nurturing Macbeth because of him being a loyal soldier for him.
      • “Brave Macbeth'“
        • An epithet showing how Shakespeare presents Macbeth as a 'brave' and moral soldier.
      • Shakespeare shows from the words of his fellow peers that Macbeth is viewed highly which the audience discovers isn't true from the moment Macbeth enters the stage.
    • Paragraph 3
      • Shakespeare uses the issue of gender to provoke Macbeth in which he caves in and commits murder.  His ambition slowly starts to take over him after this with him descending into paranoia and acts more violent.
      • LM : “When you durst do it, then you were a man”
        • LM questions Macbeth's masculinity (a big insult in Jacobean times).  She pressures him into committing regicide
      • “sleep no more; Macbeth does murder sleep” 
        • Shakespeare foreshadows the rest of the play by using the concept of sleep.  Not only will Macbeth get any sleep for the rest of the play but also shows them slowly devolving into madness.


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