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  • Memory
    • Duration of STM
      • Peterson and Peterson
        • Ask to count backwards until told to stop and recall a nonsense trigram
          • Suggests that STM has a duration on less then 18 seconds if verbal rehearsal is prevented.
    • Duration of LTM
      • Shepard
        • 612 memorable pictures, and hour later they had to recognise the images. 4 months later they were still able to recognise 50% of the pictures.
      • Bahrick et al.
        • Asked to put names to pictures in their high school year book. 48 years on, they were about 70% accurate
    • Capacity of STM
      • Miller
        • 7+/-2
        • Chunking
          • 5 letters/words
      • Jacobs
        • Digit span technique
    • Encoding in STM and LTM
      • Baddeley
        • Given a list of words that sound the same and words that don't
          • Had difficulty remembering the similar words
    • MSM
      • Atkinson and Shiffrin
      • Sperling- Sensory memory
        • 12 letters/digits from a 3 three line display
    • WMM
      • Hitch and Baddeley- Dual task perfomance
      • Phonological loop
        • Baddeley et al.


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