lung volumes

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  • Lung Volumes
    • Tidal Volume- amount of air breathed in or out per breath
      • Value at rest- 500ml
      • Change in exercise- increases
    • Inspiratory reserve volume- maximul amount of air forcibly inspired in addition to tidal volume
      • Value at rest- 3100ml
      • Change in exercise- decreases
    • Expiratory reserve volume- maximal amount of air forcibly expired in addition to tidal volume
      • Value at rest- 1200ml
      • Change in exercise- decreases
    • Vital Capacity- maximal amount of air exhaled after maximal inspiration (TV+IRV  +ERV)
      • Value at rest- 4800ml
      • Change in exercise- slight
    • Residual volume- amount of air left in lungs after a maximal expiration
      • Value at rest- 1200ml
      • Change in exercise-none
    • Total lung capacity- vital capacity plus residual volume (TV+IRV+ERV+RV)
      • Value at rest-6000ml
      • Change in exercise- none


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