Love and a Question

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  • Love and a Question
    • A02
      • Structure
        • 4 octets
        • The indented lines rhyme ABCB
      • Ballad
      • Shift in tone line 22 'yet'
      • Sensual imagery 'bent over'
      • Enjambment adds pace
    • A03
      • Robert Frost 1915
      • Modern era
      • The use of ambiguity highlights how its modern
      • Taken from 'A boy's will'
      • He won poet laureate
    • Main ideas
      • The Bridegroom has to choose whether to consummate marriage or help a stranger
      • Lokks at the choice of sensual love vs mankind love
      • On the cusp of romantics and modernist periods
      • "Frost fascinated USA's because he was what they are in so many moments"
    • Links with Jane (A04)
      • The eerie setting - gothic
      • Much like Jane the Bridegroom faces the choice of love vs morals
      • Both texts are influenced by the Romantic era


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