Love in Duffy + Larkin

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  • Love in Duffy/Larkin
    • Katherine Viner: Duffy's poetry is "filled with lost loves and yearning for the past"
    • John Betjeman: Larkin is "tenderly observant"
    • Family love
      • 'Brothers
        • "I enjoy reciting their names"
        • Duffy had 4 brothwers
      • 'Reference Back'
        • "Wasting my time at home, that you looked so much forward to"
        • exploring a mother/son relationship
    • Sexuality
      • 'Steam'
        • "a nude pose in soft pencil"
      • 'Sleeping'
        • "I taste with my opening mouth"
      • lust in 'Wild Oats'
        • "bosomy English rose"
      • Duffy = bisexual
      • Larkin = rumoured to have had homosexual tendencies
    • Passive in love
      • 'Crush'
        • "sit by a desk and star at the view, till the time where they live reappears"
      • 'Wild Oats'
        • "it was the friend I took out"
        • stereotyping women
          • Larkin = accused of sexism in his letters
    • Loss of love
      • 'Adultery'
        • "**** a lie with a hole in it"
      • 'Havisham'
        • "Spinster. I stink and remember."
      • 'Disgrace'
        • "a naked crawl from a dead place over the other"
      • 'Wild Oats'
        • "I was too selfish, withdrawn, and easily bored to love"
    • Loving relationships
      • 'Valentine'
        • "It promises light like the careful ********** of love"
        • gets darker: "cling to your knife"
      • 'Broadcast'
        • "Your hands, tiny in all that air, applauding"


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