Los valores tradicionales y modernos

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  • Los valores tradicionales y modernos
    • Statistics
      • 25% of children born in Spain are children of foreigners.
      • In 2012 2/3 of marriages that took place in Spain were a civic ceremony.
      • Abolition of Abortion in 1939.
      • Increase in adoptions
      • More than 1 million live without being married in a couple. 155% more than in 1991.
      • 1 in 5 babies were born out of marriage, double of 1991.
      • Unemployment is 20%
      • First gay marriage in Spain was in 2007
      • 1981 can divorce and then again in 2005 another law - don't have to justify. Las peticiones de divorcio Han aumentado un 12.5% en un año.
    • Change in the family structure
      • Nuevos models de la familia.
      • La familia traditional sigue siendo el model popular perf ya no es el único
      • En las ochenta y noventa el diviorcio tenía un auge.
      • Ma
      • Immigration has had an impact. Marriages between different races.
      • Traditional family is : heterosexual parents married by the Catholic Church and have children.
      • Now there are re-constructed families because of divorce and homosexual marriages.
      • Higher leaving home age. Has benefits - can be professional + single and can help with paying for the house.


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