Lord of the Flies Mindmap

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  • Lord of The Flies- William Golding
    • Ralph
      • Attractive appearance.
      • Has sensible ideas e.g. make fire for rescue
      • Good leader, knows what's important for the rest of the group
      • Wants to create civilisation, uses civilised language
      • Elected as chief
    • Piggy
      • Made fun of because oh his appearance (fat and needs glasses)
      • Very intelligent and full of good ideas (he helps Ralph be a better leader)
      • Gets picked on by the rest of the group
      • Very kind towards the littleuns. Very mature and knows whats best
      • Believes in civilisation (conch)
    • Jack Merridew
      • Head boy and leader of the choir
      • Jealous when Ralph gets elected as chief instead of him
      • Obsessed with hunting and killing
      • Hungry for power (gets a sense of power when killing the pigs)
      • Arrogant and proud
    • Simon
      • A strange and quiet character
      • Very and helpful and good to others
      • A close relationship with nature (has a secret place)
    • Roger
      • Very uncommunicative, seen as  a loner
      • Very cruel character
      • Later on becomes partners with Jack
    • Sam and Eric
      • Roger tortures them, so they tell him where Ralph is hiding
      • First to find the beast


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