Ralph - Lord of the Flies

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  • Ralph
    • The model boy in society -physically and morally
      • "Eyes that proclaimed no evil"
    • A natural leader
      • Elected leader in the vote against Jack in chapter 1
      • Democratic - showed through self-sacrifice and consideration for others
        • Building huts and keeping fire going whilst everyone else has fun.
    • Naive at first
      • Quickly matures when given leadership.
      • Father is a general, thunks he'll find them.
    • Susceptible to same weaknesses as others.
      • Teases Piggy
      • Exhilarated by the hunt
    • Committed to civilisation
      • Wants to be found.
        • Disputes with Jack over hunting instead of keeping fire going.
    • Dependent
      • Relies on Piggy for support and guidance
    • Resists instinctual urges
      • Deeply traumatised by the loss of innocence and regression in the others.


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