London by William Blake

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  • London by William Blake
    • Language
      • negative language
      • purposeless
      • "i wander through each chartered street"
      • "youthful harlot's curse"
      • "marks of weakness, marks of woe"
      • "in every..."
      • "mind-forged manacles"
      • "runs in blood down palace walls"
      • emotive language
    • Conflicts
      • poverty
      • people in power
      • monarchy
      • child labour
      • power of humans
      • humanity
    • Past and Present
      • written in a time where london was full of poverty
      • current audience would have thought that it was shocking
      • times were difficult and the poet wrote about this from him perspective
      • times were really difficult
      • corrupt monarchy
    • Form and Structure
      • regular rhyme scheme ABAB
      • same length stanzasthroughout
      • no enjambment or caesura which shows that he has clear view
      • repetition of 'every' to show inclusion of everyone
      • recount of a memory
    • Context
      • born in 1757
      • he was largely unrecognised in his time
      • William blake had unusual and quirky views
      • he stayed at school until the age of 10
    • Emotions
      • sadness
      • desperation
      • hopelessness
      • relentlessness
      • irritation, bad things are happening and there is nothing that they can do about it
      • loss


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