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  • London
    • "Mind-forged manacles"
      • Physically and mentally restrained by upper class
      • Taking away human rights and needs
      • Upper class take everything away.
      • Power of humans through grasp of upper classes
      • Pick pocketers (mainly the poor) due to lack of wealth
    • "Runs in blood down palace walls"
      • Stained by lack of action towards those in need
      • Represents a lack of sincerity and responsibility
      • Those inside are oblivious-blood on their hands
      • Hiding from responsibility behind palace walls
      • Link with the wealthy executing people in order to get rid of the problem
        • Physically running in blood not metphorically
  • Conclusion: Linking similarly with MLD as it implies that the wealthy and higher classes yearn for the control and power through controlling those beneath them and regaining power.
    • Much like the Duke yearned to control his wife and went to extreme measures in order to achieve this
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